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Foley Foots & Moves is a fully furnished foley studio based at The Maidstone Studios Kent, home of the legendary show; Later With Jools Holland.

The Andy Munro designed Protools HDX Foley studio has many inbuilt surfaces, doors and practical kitchen area. It boasts an enviable collection of vintage and contemporary props collected over 40 years in the sound and motion industry.


Experienced dubbing mixers, foley artists and sound designers are at hand to deal with all sound requirements for dramas, animations and documentaries.


Well versed in working remotely with a brief and delivering an edited, balanced session to very tight deadlines, we bring a high commitment and attention to detail to every project. With clients all over the world we're experienced and adept in all file delivering formats of the UK and abroad.

Founder Paul Guiver, started his career in post production with the ITV Television South (TVS) film dubbing department, cutting his teeth on many ITV dramas. Highly experienced in all aspects of TV sound production with particular expertise in drama and animation, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the FFM team.




Foley sessions are recorded on a Protools HDX system, Sennheiser 416 and Neumann U87 Mics with Focusrite Red 7 pre amps. The team comprises an in house dubbing mixer and a team of creative foley artists
Foley can be supplied as a Pro Tools session, OMF
BWAVs / AAF files


Foley can be supplied as recorded or fitted with greater accuracy depending on client requirements. Our experience of dubbing drama means we can provide an edited session that is geared saving time and money in the mixing process


At FFM we offer the maximum flexibility.We can provide a mixed balance session with full sound design if
required. As highly experienced mixers, we can tailor to the exact requirements of each individual production


If you require a full international track and/or reversioning of an original show, FFM are experienced in producing a full music and effects tracks for overseas sales This includes Foley , SFX and replacing original music for sound alike cleared tracks if required


The foley studio has a variety of areas incorporating a kitchen area with running water, built in doors with locks, knockers and letterboxes. A selection of floor surfaces are available, including wood, concrete, stone and carpet, along with gravel, pebble, slate and soil trays. We have a multitude of vintage and contemporary props to help create authentic sounds. Comfort facilities include a bar and chill out area.

  • Andy Munro Designed Studio

  • Protools HDX System

  • Dynaudio M2 Monitoring

  • Red 7 Mic Preamp

  • Sennheiser 416

  • Neumann U87


With an enviable portfolio of clients, we'd like to think our work speaks for itself. We've worked with some of the most iconic TV brands in the world, which goes to show that when it comes to foley, we really do put the sound in motion.

Quacks - BBC Comedy Drama
Bluestone 42 - BBC Comedy Drama
Hank Zipzer - TV Series
Zack & Quack -
Waybuloo - CBBC
Floogals - Universal Kids & Channel 5
Darina's House
Good King Wenceslas - Feature Film
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 11.59.38.png
Click & Collect - Britbox
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 12.01.44.png
Back to Life - BBC3
Puppy Love - BBC Comedy Drama
Dennis The Menace & Gnasher - CBBC



Executive Producer

Paul is a talented and original sound designer, who has produced exciting soundscapes for me on a variety of international kids TV programmes.

Each series creates its’ own unique world, for which Paul is a master at creating innovative sounds and effects.  Paul embodies a perfect mix of creative talent – and efficiency – along with the ability to produce new and inventive sound designs specifically tailored to whatever challenges he may be presented.

Paul has helped me out across several long running series – Dani's House, Sadie J, Dani's Castle. I am a nightmare in that I know what I don't want and sometimes what I want – but Paul patiently listens and we work out what I actually need. I love his musical background which you hear from dialogue, music, all the way to a rich bed of Foley. A great ear for detail and far too patient for my change of ideas and whims. Brilliant!



FFM came on board our feature at the last minute, and swiftly delivered top-notch foley for several key scenes.  Our sound designer was particularly impressed, and still comments on how much FFM's work has added to the production.


I would not hesitate to recommend FFM.  Great communication, quick delivery and excellent work.





Foley Foots & Moves | The Maidstone Studios | Maidstone | Kent | ME14 5NZ | T: 07767 074441 E: paul@foleyfootsandmoves.com

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 Foley Foots & Moves | The Maidstone Studios | Vinters Business Park | New Cut Road | Maidstone | Kent | ME14 5NZ | T: 07767 074441